Exzellenzstipendium GATE Erfahrungsbericht einer Stipendiatin

My work experience in England (4-29 January 2016), by Carina Barnert

When I heard about the acceptance to do an internship in England for 4 weeks I was so happy. I considered this a good chance to improve my English skills.
I received all the documents and there were 4 months left before my trip to London started.
I was so nervous and a lot of questions went through my head.
- Will I manage everything?
- Will my English skills be sufficient?
- How is the host family?

My family at home took me to the airport and then the adventure started.
I arrived on Sunday and got to know my host family - a woman, Sarah, her husband, Simon and their daughter, Zoe (15 years old). They were so friendly and lovely.
It was a good start for my work experience on Monday.

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Trip to London City

Sightseeing with Simon

Clubbercise with Sarah and Helen


My work started at the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce which is 1 hour away from London City.
The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce provides first class business support to companies of all shapes and sizes, through a range of membership benefits and networking opportunities.
Laura is the executive assistant of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. She had a lot of tasks for me. For example, I had to create an Excel list with all the primary und private schools in Hatfield (428 schools) or helped with secretarial duties (scan, copy, fax).

It was very good for my English skills and I experienced a lot by learning by doing. My colleagues are very friendly. After work I had a nice dinner at home with the host family.

On Mondays, I played football with Simon and his friends. We had a good time. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I went to the aerobic course with Sarah. It was a special course. We danced in the dark with "knicklichter" in our hands. It was so amazing. I had a lot of fun with my host family.

At the weekends we visited London City. We visited the typical tourist attractions like Big Ben , the London Eye and so on. I had a really, really good time in England.

I will always remember this time.

So, if you have the chance, take it.

Carina Barnert.